Turn It Gold fights for the voiceless youth in the pursuit of elevating childhood cancer awareness and generating bold action through online story sharing, events and media with hopes to change the percentage of dollars invested in childhood cancer research and make a real difference for a cure. #TURNITGOLD


Turn It Gold is a nonprofit fighting for children to live longer lives by putting children first in the fight against childhood cancer by accelerating the discovery for a cure for our nation’s #1 childhood-disease killer. We strive to unite families and communities affected by childhood cancer, inspires businesses and individuals to take bold action and elevates the funding of childhood cancer research. We are focused on developing lasting partnerships, engaging users online and empowering communities through local events to generate awareness greater or equal to breast cancer and heart disease, nationally.

Our online platform allows anyone to share stories of bravery, donate undoubtedly, share impactfully, connect meaningfully and create purposeful community events. By developing an online resource for families affected by cancer, businesses that want to support the cause and individuals who want to make a difference, together curing cancer could be possible.

Brave individuals inspire others. Bold action creates change. Turn It Gold reminds people that children’s lives are of greater importance than the cancer that affects them and their families. And, the culmination of them will preserve a life. Turn It Gold was created to provoke, inspire, incite, combat and transform the current landscape of childhood cancer.


Turn It Gold has taken a two arm approach to funding research for childhood cancer. We want to fight for the children that have yet to be diagnosed, those that are currently battling, and the ones that have survived. Currently, we donate through Children’s Oncology Group (Cancer Research) & Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute at UT Health Science Center San Antonio (Long-Term Survivorship Research).